01 July 2013

A little update

So thank you all for your encouraging nudge to see the doc.

I have yet to make that appt.  MY LIFE IS TOO BUSY!!!

So I started a little experiment with my weight last week and it worked out pretty good, so I am going to share it. 
Treadmill and elliptical 3X last week, nothing crazy but a full hour workout.
For meals, I did 3 protein shakes (30g each) and 1 meal.

Now I must have been holding a bit of water weight cause I actually went down 5 lbs!!
Crazy, but true.

I am finding if I can stick to the protein shakes and 1 balanced meal, salad and protein, it seems to control any crazy desires.

So many things going on right now, work, vacation plans, and trying to get up the courage to get my other eye done!!  I need to but I am piss in your pants nervous..

For all of you scattered across NA, hope what ever weather phenom is going on gets normalized soon.  Between Fires and rains, its getting crazy!!!

be well


  1. Love the approach-- manage the hunger with the protein shakes and still get some good food in there as well...

  2. How and what do you make your protein shakes with?

    It has been so hot here...our relief is the afternoon ocean breeze! LUCKY

    Stay cool my friend