11 July 2013


As I sit in meeting after meeting (eyes glazed over sometimes), I hear the word legacy used over and over again, in terms of  replacing legacy systems, legacy practices, legacy this and that!

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this word is this word :  replacing the OLD!

Have I been around so long that things that I thought were practical have now become legacy!!!

But the fact is NEW is here  and everything else is LEGACY!

The thought even magnified this morning as I pulled a Bob Mackie dress out of my closet that I bought in the 80's (yes believe it or not). Its a great sheath dress, timelines, beautifully made and cost me a good $ back in the day.  Its silk, lined and just slides over my body.

But that too is legacy, (or is it vintage) .. who the hell knows!!!

My mind races to try to grasp what will my legacy be and do I really care or not if I even have one!

When I was 20, I wondered what it would be like at 40.
Now that I am in my 50's, I wonder if I even want to experience my 80's.

I am sick of people saying things like Oh.. the 50's are the new 40's.

50 is 50.
My bones didn't creek like they do now when I was in my 40's.
My wrinkles didn't need to be Spackled like they did in my 40's.
And good lord knows I didn't need to color my hair as often!

So NO, the 50's are not the new 40's. 

I do know one thing for sure, despite being in the second half of my life, I would not have changed a thing in the first half..

That was Legacy GOLD!!

be well


  1. You're going to pass along your legacy to that grandbaby ....He will love you and want to know about everything that you have loved in your life and he will always remember the stories you pass along to him. Your legacy is only going to get better ....I promise!


  2. Oh Barb....you make me laugh with your honesty about 50 being the new 40! At 40, I didn't fight my age and the little inconveniences (grey hairs, wrinkles, back aches, sagging boobs, age spots, stray facial hairs....etc) nearly as much as I do now. But, I will keep on doing it so that my legacy will be "but she didn't look THAT old" (maybe it will go on my gravestone!).


  3. Aw...I love this post.