20 July 2013

What will today bring.

So, my vacation was to start last Thursday.
Original plans to go to Canada (with a stop over at sandy and tim's) were changed as I have a grand baby on the way any day.
Yes will it be my premier grandchild or Kate Middleton's baby to arrive first??   Who know's as I can only tell you that my daughter is so so ready to bring this little guy into the world.  And the heat isn't helping a bit!!!

So my alternate vacation plans have been quite an adventure as each day K and I are just winging it!!

Yesterday (despite the high temps) was just a blast
We took the boat out on the chesepeake for a run and then did a little dock hopping at some of our favorite bayside places.

The crabs and mojitos were wonderful.
We stopped at total wine and picked up some fantastic Cabernets
Today will be hitting the farmers market for fresh veggies for the grill, hot tubbing (yes it's actually quite refreshing in the heat!!) and then it's off to the movies, a trip out to new hope and an evening  with deck time, grill and one of those bottle of cabs!!!.  

Yep, I am liking this staycation,  as I await that bundle of joy!!!

Be well.



  1. Sounds like my kind of staycation! Keep us posted on that little prince's arrival!
    The heat has broken a little today....although it's pouring down rain. Sounds like the perfect day to hot tub!

  2. :-( you just made me miss you ever so much. But there are years and years to come and you can't miss that little grandbaby. Tim wants to come visit. Soon. Or maybe meet somewhere warm next Jan-Feb-Mar. The Keys?