05 August 2013

LIFE IS GOOD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Weekend Update.

Well, Life is good, unless, you eat, drink and be merry too much!!!

The scale gods did not approve of my weekend festivities.
And yes, I did go a little overboard as the scale showed me this morning.. blech!!!
Oh well back to salads this week.

On a much brighter note.
The little guy Crosby or "Cros" as we call him is home happy sound and nursing away!!!!

                                                                  "BABY CROS"

G-mom has to teach him not to be so serious.  There is alot of FUN to be had in this world.
Obviously his mommy can't get enough hugs and kisses from him.

Unfortunately for me, I have come down with the nastiest case of poison ivy, that will teach me to frolic in the garden trying to catch butterflies!!!!

So, I am in isolation for a while and can only enjoy him via picture updates!!! ugh!!!

Every time I see pictures.... my heart melts a little bit more...

Oh babies... and the joy they bring into our lives!!!

Be well


  1. Ohhhhhh such a handsome guy!

    Poison ivy, OMG....NO FAIR....wishing you a speedy recovery....must be torture to not hold that baby!


  2. Crosby is beautiful! Hope you're poison ivy goes away quick!

  3. Congrats! A little water weight from some celebration is well worth it sometimes!

  4. congratulations!! there is so much to look forward to with him. enjoy it all..

  5. OMG Adorbs!!!!!
    PS: I am glad you passed on the article to your colleagues.
    If I can ever pass on a resume to you (b/c I think you work in a related industry that I am looking to break into, though it is doubtful I can get it, seems like your industry is one that takes experienced folks in the industry only at my level)-- let me know. Sorry if this is crazy presumptuous!!!