15 August 2013

Yep.. another venture to Battle the Bulge...

So, in my never ending quest to find the magic whatever in life.. I have come across yet another approach to try to get a sense of what I am doing right (or not) and how to motivate myself to get back on track, back into control and back to success.

SO....my new discovery (at least for me) is this new website called Sparkpeople.com.

I have signed up for a number of this WL tracker programs but the website seems to be more user friendly and motivating to me (and access and setup for the website is FREE), if you download the app for mobile/iPAD it costs a whole $2.99.    I like to stay connected so I went for the $3 investment.

What I really like about it is the ease of logging in your food, tracking calories, fat (g) and protein consumption.. In general I do a crappy job in the protein department.. so its a good thing for me.

Also, they also have a very nice community section, you can connect with other people out there, including lap banders..

The website also has an activity section, and gives out little cyber trophies for various accomplishment, yes its a little geeky but it may work for some.

I, of course, wanted something just a  bit more visual, and so I ordered a NIKE fuel band.  I really need something staring me right in the face that says "move your A**).  Outside of someone dragging me by the hair to exercise, I really need motivation in this area.

So, my initial goal is to manage my dietary intake within the boundaries of the recommendations, and the projected goals are very realistic, with an upward limit of 1500 Quality filled calories today (which is really generous).

The website projects that by following their program, I should be able to drop 30 lbs by Dec. 3.

I would be very happy with that result.

So, onward I go.. with my new venture, like the SparkPeople site and looking forward to my new Fuel Band.

Be well.


  1. Good luck! I'm a sparkpeople member from way back. I should get back on!