19 August 2013

Lovin' the SPARK. People

OK, I totally love this website (sparkpeople.com) and no they are not paying me a cent to say so.

I love the emails they send me through out the day to keep me focused and motivated AND, they have some great recipes as well (very low cal options).

Today my FUEL BAND comes in the mail... so excited.

I like the idea of having something visual to keep me motivated and  thinking or to prod me to do more physical activity.

I am not a slacker, but sometimes need that extra push to go go go.

My weekends this summer have been incredibly wonderful (minus my little poison ivy escapade).

Yeah that was not fun, but leaving that out, I have had an action packed summer.

I am also totally loving the hot tub (thank you Sandy for turning me on to that little gem).  Probably some of the best $$ spent for an at home R&R venue.

Spent the weekend grilling (petit filet and alaskan king crab and an incredible bottle of vino).
We have wonderful heirloom tomatoe's in season with some great basil.

I always try to convince myself that summer (with all of the fruits and veggies available) is the best time to focus on better eating.. but in reality I seem to make the best food choices in the fall (why is that !!!). 

SO, there you have it.  My update from my little part of the world :)

be well


  1. I love that you have something that is so motivating for you!!

  2. I have used spark people through both my band and sleeve weight loss (and continue to). I really like it. I just blogged about how summer is probably the tougher of seasons for me to lose weight. I think I am just doing more in the summer.

  3. Fall is comfort food season for me, which are anything but healthy :(