21 August 2013

The Band

I really wish I understood the mechanics of the body better.
I really do try to educate myself, but when it comes to the band, there really is no published research (besides anecdotal accounts) of why the band seems to give you issues under stress.

I am currently under the gun with a couple of items in front of me, and damn if that band doesn't just close up and not let anything go down.

This is a continous mystery to me, because on weekends I can sit down to a wonderful dinner without a care in the world and ENJOY!!

The minute I feel pressure or I am under a deadline, the band clamps up!

Is the stomach muscle such a powerful tool that is commands so much authority over my eating!

What's up with that!

I don't even fight it anymore.

If the damn thing wants to shut down and go on strike and not let solids in.. well then go ahead!

I always have my plan B ready to roll ( soup, soggy cheerieos and protein shakes).

Serioulsy, it amazes me how the stuff processing in my head can make its way to my stomach and dictate what will or will not pass GO.

any way.. God Bless and have a happy day.

Enough said for this rant!


  1. I wish that worked without a band...if stress closed my stomach I'd never be fat again!!

  2. It's flying for me. The nurses who do the fill look at me like I have two heads when I ask for a defill before a trip. It is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, unlikely solved. But 1.3 cc removed and I could eat a cow right now. Well Pad Thai anyway-about a cup. But I did have seconds. Shhh. Wine seems to go down ok. What's with that?

  3. my band reacts to stress too. i find that hot tea will open me up enough so i am not choking.... hang in there!