28 August 2013

ahhh.. Summer... Where did you go??

As August closes out, I stare at the September that already appears on my calendar.

Damn, its almost Labor Day and I wonder "How did Summer slip by so fast?".

I can't say that I personally did anything remarkable this summer, although the most fascinating event did enter mylife.. my new grandson.  Certainly an event that should have a summer holiday all to its own!

But when I measure my accomplishments, either through work, home improvements or health, eh!  Not so great.
I promised myself I would get organized at home this summer, and that has slipped through my hands.

I really want to PURGE and get down to just the basics needs for myself, as I know within a short window it will be time to make some decisions about when and where to move.

The house is just simply too big for me anymore. 
Yet, I can not come to terms that I will need to leave this home (now this house of one).

There are still rooms I can not enter, that I need to get the courage to open the door and get to the task of clearing out clutter, organizing paperwork, and hopefully preserving what needs to be preserved.  Its just so much easier to pull the door closed and walk away.  [big sigh]  But that won't work.

So, I made a plan to paint the bedroom this weekend (well at least start, the taping and priming stuff is enough to kill the joy right there)

I want to weed out all of the crap, that I used to think was important
And get rid (donate) clothes
I have way too many clothes (ridiculous)

I want to feel like I achieved something this summer..
There is just something about feeling like you have achieved something that has been nagging at you (and I want to get that feeling).

So as I get ready to organize my weekend, I hope that you too, have something planned to get that great feeling of YES!, check that off my list.

Be well


  1. I can't imagine how hard it will be when the time comes to enter certain rooms, but starting small (yeah, like painting a room is small, i realize it's not small task) will at least start to get you that feeling of accomplishment. I have the opposite "problem". I organize and de-clutter too often. I just hate it. But I end up getting rid of stuff prematurely! It has definitely come back to bite more on more than one occasion!

  2. Wish I could come help you. I loooove to purge stuff. It is so freeing when done and you live with just the basics, with a few good memories thrown in for luck.

  3. You NEED me to help you! I too loooove to purge stuff......plus having someone by your side gives you a different perspective on what want (or need).

    I'm serious!


  4. Good luck with your plans! I feel the EXACT same way about this summer. Now you've given me some motivation that it's not over yet so get moving!