29 August 2013



I am totally loving the combination of the sparkpeople.com website and my Nike Fuel Band.

Talk about accountability.

One tracks my consumption
One tracks my activity.

They both provide me with prompts and reminders to achieve success.
I need to be visually stimulated to remind my self of the goal

And both of these systems (working together) have provided me with the discipline to stay on track.

I just needed to share this with you (in case anyone is looking for something to pull you back on track).

I have found this to be a nice combo.  That is making me a happy girl!!


  1. Glad you're enjoying both-- for the longest time, I was just doing the fuel band but as you know from my blog, I've recently upped the ante.
    Really wanting to get that scale moving again!

  2. Love this. I feel the same way, except I use My Fitness Pal and Fitbit. I love that you are happy!

  3. How's it going with your fuel band? I still use mine and it is a bit of motivation-- but just a tiny little extra...