08 October 2013

What is it about CRACKers....

I have a new food obsession... CRACKers (note the emphasis on CRACK).. cause that's what I have been craving.. crackers..

You name it.. .peanut butter, cheese, wheat thins, garlicky... I have a pantry full of crackers..
I went grocery shopping and came out of the store with a quart of skim milk and 5 boxes of crackers. No fruit, no meat.. just crackers..

And right now, I feel it wouldn't matter if a piece of chocolate was waved in front of my face, I would still go for that cracker!.

it must be some type of carbbed hopped up craze my body is going through!

So always wanting to analyze myself.. I turned to the trusty INTERNET to see what is causing me to want this food.

As I was googling nutritional content, I came across the British definition for crackers.. you know what it means on the other side of the pond!.. it means INSANE!!!  HA HA.. that cracked me up!

  • I also found tips on how to eat 6 saltine crackers in under 1 minute. (good to know)
  • Eating crackers in bed has an interesting meaning as well.
  • Also there was a video on how to eat a ton of goldfish crackers off of a treadmill.

HMM... after seeing some of these things.. maybe I am not so insane (as others).

There is actually a website that tells you what your cravings mean... so here is what I found on the cracker crave... (note its interesting that I walked out of the store with milk and crackers)...

Are you craving dairy, bread, pasta, crackers, or other grain products? Both dairy and gluten-containing grains contain opioid peptides—amino acid sequences that affect the brain in the same way opiates do, targeting your endorphin receptors and making you feel pretty darn good. These opioids are also amazingly addictive and are largely responsible for cravings. In the case of milk, it makes sense—if wise Mother Nature makes this liquid semi-addictive, it ensures that young mammals feel compelled to keep drinking it, which keeps them nice and nourished. Unfortunately, the addictive quality doesn’t go away just because you grow up. Some people have success including raw dairy in their diet, but most of the time, dairy and grain cravings are due to opioid peptide withdrawals.

So, as you can see.. the CRACK (opiate tie) to CRACKERS is real!!!! WTH... crackers and milk are addictive and make you feel GOOD!  who knew...

be well...

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  1. You are not alone in your CRACKerdom! I just ate 6 of my favorite Trader Joe's crackers as I read this. And, for the record.....I am CRACKERS in the British sense. It makes life so much more interesting!