25 November 2013

LBD... can't wait to wear it!

So, I am going to a wedding this weekend and have bought a rockin' LBD from White House/Black Market.

It's called instantly slimming (and you know why... cause there is freakin 300X spanx built into the dress) but it does make you feel 10 lbs thinner.

In a million years I never thought I would be shopping at WH/BM, so it feels good to splurge on a dress from there now and then.

Simply going to add some accents, keep it simple and look great!!

have a good thanksgiving!!! GOBBLE GOBBLE!!


  1. Awesome you will look fantastic I'm sure =)

  2. looking better than the bride is ok since you are wearing black, not white...sounds like fun, hope you have a fantastic time!

  3. We would all love to see your picture if you have one!

  4. OOOH....I want a review on that dress! I buy the slimming pants at Chico's and love, love, love them. Haven't had the same love for their slimming dresses or skirts (BOO!!). We need a picture a review STAT!