14 January 2014


My word for 2014 is EVOLVE.

Now that might be an odd word for a 50-something year old woman to embrace.

But truth be told, many aspects of my life have been static.

Frozen in time.

My feet may be walking down the path and going places, but many parts of my life have hit a wall.

I need to find the old me, the new me, the now me, and evolve.

It's difficult, because I have only known how to do things a certain way.
And they have been very successful.

But I have given critical thought on how to "EVOLVE" and grow.

It seems silly to say I am entering the last phase of my life, but even in the business world you have a five year business plan and then you need to make the plan move forward.

I often wonder what will my next 5 years look like.

Things that used to always bother me, don't.
Things that never bothered me do.

I don't like the cold.
I wake up at 3 am every day.

Perhaps I am becoming an old person.

Its a choice we make.

To stay the same or EVOLVE.

I chose to EVOLVE.

TO be the best person I can become.

Check back with me in 11 months.. lets see how much I have evolved.

be well...

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