16 January 2014

You Don't Realize What you Are EATING until.......

You Track it!

And I am serious about that.

The Lap Band has brought great things to my well-being.

But, there are ways you can "eat around the band".

At first, all lapbanders are very compliant!

Hey, its instant success, and you are feeling a high like never before as the pounds seem to melt away.

And then.. well.. at some point you hit "THE WALL".

And you need to tweak things to get it going again.

And some times tweaking (notice I did not say twerking) doesn't get the results you expect.

I am speaking from experience with 4 years with the band.

And when you fall into a slump you sometimes want to do things your way, and foods like ice cream and chocolate (which are real easy to eat with the band) get re-introduced.

And then other not so healthy foods make their way back into the mainstream of your diet and well.. let's just cut to the chase.. .you GAIN weight.

Yes you can gain weight with the band.. and holy smokes.  I did a reality (historical) check and comparison to my Jan 2013 weight to 2014 weight and YIKES.. I am up close to 15 lbs.

So CRAP!..

I need to arrest this practice.

So last Friday, I joined WW online.
I got the app, cause I am a little neurotic about being compliant.
Well that does make sense since I do compliance, but let's get on with this approach.

With the WW online app, you TRACK points.
And boy you get a real wake up call when you actually start to track what you put in your mouth.

the WW app brings it all to surface and holds you accountable .
you get so many daily points and then you get a little (49 points to use through out the week).

So here is the wrap up on this post.

I started last Friday (so today is officially day 7). 
I tracked my little heart out, being truthful to my self and holding myself accountable.

And VOILA.. I am down 5 lbs.


I am doing the happy dance people!

Now I know I am on my honeymoon with this approach, but I did it last year and the LBS went down, so the system works.

Just wanted to share that with you all!!

be well..


  1. I am also doing WW online now. I really like it and compliance is key!

  2. You're awesome as always. WW is a great plan...

  3. You go girl!!! I am going to get an adjustment to help me out, but tracking is a key for SURE. I'm so with you on the 'next phase' with the band… we're no longer beginners!

  4. You are spot on Barbara! Catch it fast and get that weight off!