27 January 2014

Ramblings... and then some!

Its Monday.

For me the dreaded day of the week because I see the train coming down the track of "things to tackle".

For that reason alone, I welcome Tuesday..

The weather has been absolutely yucky.
Its cold and snowy and I want spring to get here now.
Yesterday was the 3-year anniversary of Mark's passing.
It is still so difficult to accept. I went to church and then to the cemetery and placed roses on the grave and wept.  The red roses looked beautiful against a fresh white blanket of snow, that alone made me smile...
I am totally in love with three little guys..  my G-Babies!
So absolutely adorable.
Sandy and I are in our glory of spoiling.
I am, however, amazed at the amount of stuff they now have out for babies.
What ever happened to playpens and the swing O Matic!

Well, I have to tell you that my Weight Watcher venture is going wonderfully!
I slipped into a dress today I haven't worn in a while and I feel great in it!

Wednesday is my "weigh day" but I can tell you its looking good!
My first two weeks I lost close to 10 lbs, and I am thinking there may be 2 more to add.

12 lbs might not seem like a lot, but believe me I can feel the difference just walking up a flight of stairs.

The program is so easy, especially with the band, because portion sizes are not a challenge for me. And I am loving baby carrots all over again.  I think the best part is that I am doing this on line (at my convenience) and with the iphone app, you just scan bar codes and you are done with the logging in.
I know I sound like a damn commercial, but its working.

There is just something wonderful about getting back into the grove and losing weight again.
You feel great, and you feel successful.
It seems that other things in my life fall into place when I am losing weight. Weird, but true!

It seems like January has just totally slipped through my hands.
I am still focusing on my word of the year "Evolve".

Its a strong word for me, because it means to develop or achieve gradually, to undergo gradual change.

Sometimes I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to achieve it all NOW!
I am at a point in my life that I just want to set myself in a direction and work towards the goal.
No pressure, no deadline.. just EVOLVE.


And so you have it (if you are still reading at this point).

My little bit of ramblings.

Now if the ground hog can just do his thing and get spring here... we would all be happy!

Have a good week.

Be well!


  1. First, I totally smile when I read your words about your grandbabies. I can just feel the love. And 12 pounds? That is BADASS, girl!

  2. Good for you on your weight loss! I'm looking foward to those days again. G Babies.....I can't wait! Someday I hope!

  3. AMAZING!!!!! 12 pounds is totally rocking. You are doing great.
    I'm so sorry about Mark, I don't know the right words but I just want to say that. On the bright side- I'm also so happy for you about the g-babies (and Sandy too!) xoxox

  4. Yup those g-babies need so much! 1st birthday party on Saturday. Jo will be one on the 6th. Time flies. And spring will come, hopefully soon.