19 February 2014


Ok, I need to be happy about something with this CRAPPY weather.

So just a little pop-in update to let you know that my WW venture continues AND

after 6 weeks doing the on-line tracking program I weighed in today AND,,,,,,

wait for it......

I am down 13.2 pounds..

Ok, its winter people...

The time of year I usually pack it on.. but now I am taking it OFF.


And I am not starving or denying.. just making good choices and staying within my point range and then spluging a bit on the weekend.

The freaking plan works.. I have really exercised yet.. so that is my next milestone.

That's all!!!

Stay warm and Be well~


  1. Well I'm gaining what you are losing...but I'm happy for you. Keep up the good work.

  2. That is AWESOME! Go you!

  3. LOVE IT!!

    How much are you drinking? Usually my biggest issue!

  4. Okay, so I have some questions.. do you eat all your weekly points as well? How many servings of 0 points fruits and veggies are you eating a day? This new program baffles me a little. Clearly you have it figured out!