01 April 2014


Do you ever come across a song that just hits all of the right notes!!!

This is my NEW song.. by Train..

Its upbeat and catchy.. and well its been around a long time and is playing in my head.
It entered during my recent trip to FLA... and has been on repeat ever since.

So to bring you up to date....

Life is going by.. just swimmingly. 

But honestly, its just that.
I feel like I am floating on a raft going down/up the river.. sometimes without that paddle.

I don't really know where I am headed.. I am just floating along.
Does it bother me?

Yes and No...

I have my moments when I am ready to gather my things and move on and then I look around and think "why now". 

AND that's the problem.
I am the person who always has a plan, sets the direction, timetables, gantt charts, metrics.  and now
EHHH.. who cares..

IT bothers me, or else I wouldn't be writing about it..

or do I?

the thing that really bothers me the most is that there is no sense of urgency about anything in my life right now.

I usually have alligators snapping at my A** to move forward but not so much these days.

Good lord, I can only envision myself melting into the sunset.. just as you watch that big orange ball on the horizon slowly sinking and then PLOP!!! its gone.

Kind of a depressing thought.

Maybe  I should take up a new hobby or teach myself a new language or better yet!! Climb Mt. Everest.

Is this what getting old is like....yikes!!!

But I still think I got a little spunk left in me!!!

Pehaps my little junket to Vegas will bring that spark back ...

in the mean time.. I will hum my little tuneHum along Hey Soul Sister


  1. Soul Sister, I have no doubt that you have spunk left in you. Guaranteed! Hope that right thing finds its way to you to give you some focus. But enjoy things in the meantime. :)

  2. Well two years ago at 58 I decided I needed a plan for the rest of my life. Didn't happen and now I don't need or want a plan. Just letting it flow. It it so much better that way. We must get together next month. Hope it works out for us all. Hottub, wine, maybe some food. Great friends. What more is there. Oh yeah, those grandbabies are pretty special. I'll be your soul sister.

  3. It's ok to drift for a while and take stock of the currents. Perhaps you are just around the bend from something amazing and it's a good time to catch your breath. So breathe and observe the currents. Ate you still on Weight watchers? I started back around the time you did. I'm down 12 pounds. I'll take it. Be well.

  4. I think I know this feeling, though I am in a whirlwind of change right now, so I am not there currently. It's like you feel like you need a project or something?!! Anyway: if possible, I'd suggest literally holding still and just being who you are for now. You're good enough and have earned a chance to just slow down and relax and not change anything, do anything, or fix anything at this very moment. Hope this makes sense!