15 May 2014

Getting Old Stinks!

Mentally, I have not realized my age.
I still seek out every option to feel young and look a few years younger than my chronological age.

But damn... the body knows!

Today was the day I had the other eye cataract removed and an Intraocular Lens implanted.
I had the first one done just about a year ago, and the experience was horrible.. several corrective surgeries to be able to see and a second surgery on the same eye as the cataract returned! Why do I have the kind of luck that I really don't need!

  As much as I did not want to go through this again, I had to.. the vision was just failing.. And so it goes... and So I went.

This time, I am happy to report (please consider that the surgery just concluded less than 4 hours ago) that I can see well enough to read and type this posting without glasses.   That my friends is true progress!

So, I now face my second "Old Age" challenge.
Again after almost 8 months of living in denial, and seeking 2 expert opinions, I have come to learn that my "old age creaks and pains" are due to an advanced arthritic hip, that needs to be replaced.
Damn, again, the kind of luck that I just cant seem to shake!

As much as I dread another surgery, I really need this one.. its a matter of timing, as my travel schedule has ramped up..
I did ask the doctor how long I could put it off, and he was to the point.. umm some day you wont be able to walk, and that may come sooner than later.  Yeah... I better start to look at that calendar, cause this one is some sizable down time.

So as age advances, I am determined to address and replace my body parts with a tip to modern medicine to allow me to Feel My Mental Age and Carry on!

Be well...


  1. I had a knee replacement at 56 years old and 245 pounds. Be glad you are not obese any more :) The hip replacement will be much easier on you. Rehab will be easier also. I am thankful for my band every day! Hopefully no more failing parts for me.

  2. On your travels if you are in the area...let's connect.

    Costa Mesa, Ca


    Wishing you all the best!