05 June 2014

Fed Up...

Have any of you heard about the documentary film "Fed Up" thats been a buzz around the internet.

here is the trailer

Its a movie about obesity and the true underlying cause... Sugar in our diets.

I think this is something that we all knew from our PhD/'s in dieting, but when you step back and look at the evidence and the various diet approaches.. sugar is the one ingredient that points to the incredible up tick in obesity and diabetes.

I am not preaching here, and urge you to form your own opinions and just monitor how much sugar you take in on a daily basis.

The RDA for sugar in an adult female is 6 teaspoons.. Do you ever see that amount on food labels?

No they present it in grams.. and so you know  6 teaspoons is equal to 25 grams.

The next time you pick up a food label, just look at the dietary content and portion size and do the math.

I just started to do this.. its eye opening.

For months I have been following and tracking the WW (Fat, carbs and fiber counts) but completely ignoring the sugar part.... Yogurt (one of my staple foods, is a killer in the sugar department), so that is off my list.

I actually have the book "sugar busters" but never really signed up for the approach, it now has my interest..

Bye Bye M &M's   parting is such SWEET sorrow!!


  1. I'm an artificial sugar addict which I fear is much worse but it has taken the weight off which is *better...maybe.

  2. Thanks for such an eye opening post!