01 July 2014

I am not a good Hipster

Ugh.. the writing is on the wall.
I definitely need to get my hip replaced, and I have started the process, I just don't have a date for surgery as of yet.

I asked the doc how long I could hold out, and he said "oh you will know, when you can no longer walk, that will be the point"

Ugh,  I don't want it to get to that point !

Why I am in such denial about this, I don't know.. but I am now facing some "quality of life" issues.

I just can't exercise, in fact, walking has been a challenge.
And you know what happens when you can't exercise (although I seem to make it to the fridge OK)

I have tried to modify my caloric intake (yogurt and protein shakes) with salad chicken or fish for dinner.

At the end of the day it is a caloric math problem:  calories in and calories not burned = pounds gained

I am still rather amazed that I have not had a fill in over 3 years.  I know that this  tool still works.. I just need to establish a stronger caloric discipline with my lack of mobility.   All of this I know in my head... Its just easier to have a frozen drink, water ice or that deadly bowl of ice cream.. while sitting on the deck and mumbling "woe is me!"

In the end,  knowing that I will get my mobility back by the end of the year is a relief..


  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! I wouldn’t want to wait until I couldn’t walk anymore either, that doesn’t seem right! Can you work your upper body while seated? There are tons of exercises you could do with dumbbells. GL!


  2. My SIL had her hip replaced two years ago and such an improvement. I always thought she would fall down my basement stairs cause she could hardly weight-bear. Now she can walk down without holding onto the walls. It will change your life and all for the good. And then I will drag you out for a hike!

  3. I also had a friend have his hip replaced. He just bought a motorcycle he feels so good! Good luck!

  4. Hey Barb.....just catching up with my blog reading. I am so with you on the "easier to have....." thing. My 7 year old band is still working...this I know. But, I am making bad choices....foods and DRINKS that are easy to deal with. Ice cream has become my new best friend this summer....
    As for your hip....I know most people will tell you that you will KNOW when. But, I say that you can pick your time. If it's truly impeding your life then it's your time. Why wait until you have to be carried out to have it! So, pick a time of the year when you don't mind being cooped up recuperating..
    Oh, these bodies of ours!!!