18 September 2014


As I approach my surgery date it seems like the stories about everyone's experience with their surgery are coming out of the woodwork.  And to be honest all of these stories are making Me anxious

Ugh but here is the worst one shared by a co-worker who is 8 weeks out from surgery

He went to a very renowned surgical center in Philadelphia known for joint replacement.
Prior to surgery he informed the medical group that he had GERD (reflux)
Well surgery proceeded and they put him under and as part of the surgical procedure for the hip they lower your upper body so your head is lower than the hip.

So they proceed with the surgery and incision and all was going well and he starts to aspirate (because of the reflux) so they bring him out of his plane of anesthesia to stabilize him. Keep in mind they have already started the procedure.

They are concerned about other episodes of aspiration so they decide to do the procedure with a  spinal but (get this) he was awake!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said he could hear the chipping and sawing!
When he told me this my heart started to race ...
Oh God oh God.  If that happened to me I know I would go into cardiac arrest

So now I know the chance of this happening to me is next to nil but every time I think about my heart races.   It's all I can think about

I have a good surgeon but good Lord why do these things happen???

So the mind wonders  

I wish I could turn this brain off.

Be well


  1. There comes a time when you just have to stop talking, reading, researching, etc. about surgery. When I had my hysterectomy, I read all the positive stories early on and for some reason switched over to all the complication stories a week before my surgery. Why do we do that to ourselves?!?! The odds are in your favor that all will go off without a hitch. Just take deep breaths.

  2. Amen to what Manda said. <3

  3. Hi Friend!! Sorry to hear you need the THR, but the great news is that it is an excellent surgery if you are in need.
    Remember that early mobility is the key after surgery-- and if you need any specific advice, contact me on Facebook and I can help you. I've rehabbed many a THR in my day! Kisses and hugs.

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