09 September 2014

How Thin do you really want to be?

Although I am somewhat comfortable at my current weight (I am no runway model). I try to stay ahead of my wrinkles.  Vain?  Um yes.  I work with a lot of young hot shots. And although I am their boss I don't want to look like their grandmother.  So I try.

But this weight thing.  It still bothers the hell out of me.
I wish I had at least 20 lbs GONE.

I realize that it is doable   And right now I have some challenges with exercising but that will soon be behind me

Even by dropping 20 lbs and even at that I will not be thin but I think I will finally be in a happy place with accepting my weight.

I don't think I am alone in striving for that elusive desired goal weight.  I am not talking about a number that fits into some chart or that you need to be to shop in chic boutiques   Rather a number at my age that I can feel good about and know that I will look good in the clothes I desire to wear.

I want to feel FAB, not frumpy
I want to be happy with myself and how I look.
I will get there.  I don't give up.

Just need to get focused.

Be well


  1. I'm with you! I did Medifast and it worked so well for me. It was just what I needed to get back on track and since I'm banded the meals were just right. It might be worth looking into, FB me or email me if you want me to send you the link to my health coach. You can order online and get as little or as much as you like.

  2. I totally feel you. I have had issues on keeping the focus...

  3. Barb, you could never be frumpy!! Fab all the way! :) Hope all is well with you!

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