05 September 2014

Mama's got a NEW POSSE!!

I don't really like to see the summer months come to an end.
Most times, I feel like I did not achieve or explore all the things that I set out to do in the season.

I almost always have this illusion that the summer months present a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables and high energy expelling activities to keep those lbs. off.  
The tomatoes were not so great this year!
And no, I didn't break a sweat.

So, my orbital gaze looks towards October.
Hmm.. that's not looking as much fun as I am getting a THR.

Oh.. you don't recognize that acronym..
That stands for "Total Hip Replacement"

Yeah, I am hanging with a new posse now..  
The Joint Replacement Club, the JRC's
Oh.. now.. don't be jealous!
We call ourselves "The New Hipsters!"

Yup, me and my new 80 something friends have been meeting up and hangin' at the doctors office, drooling and waiting to get our surgery dates!
We check out each others canes, orthopedic shoes.. yep.. FASHIONISTA's look out!

As each patient walks out from their meeting with the doctor, you can hear the collective "WELL??"

Ah.. nothing like medical ailing gossip to keep a crowd energized!

So YUP... got mine.. October 1st. woohoo.

Started to re-arrange the house for that walker, and of course that thingy to place over the toilet so it raises me two feet off the seat (let your mind wonder...)

Been checking out the websites for those orthopedic socks to keep the blood clots at bay!
YEP.. I am sooooo looking forward to Winter.

Be well


  1. Hope all goes well! Glad you will get a new hip to keep up with your HIP self!

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