18 January 2010

Where or Where Has My Restriction Gone??

You read it right.. restriction has left me.. it is just willpower that is getting me through these last few weeks..without seeing any substantial changes on the scale I feel that somedays even the willpower has taken a long walk. and left me.. (sigh).

Wednesday I go for my fill and I am about ready to tell the doc to get me to the point of restriction that would scare a nasty python!!

On the eating front... I have tried this 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup feeding measures during my meals.. well, how else can I describe this other than it's pretty sad when I find myself licking the plate.. cause I am still hungry.. 
This whole measuring thing has to shake out to make sense.. my nutritionist said to use the palm of your hand as a serving size.  Ok which is it .. the 1/4 cup or palm of my hand.. cause I can make that hand stretch pretty wide if I have to! (more sigh)

So.. its been a few days since my last post.. and  here is what I have been up to...
Over the weekend the eating started off on a good note..
I made that delicious pulled pork receipe that Gen posted.. turned out wonderful and oh was it good.. in fact I probably had 2 servings too many... or 4 palms sizes over the course of the weekend.

I also went to a two hour Intro to Yoga class to get in touch with my inner self.. yep.. there I was the fattest chick in my anorexic town.. stretching away, wrapping my legs around my neck and doing full sunrises.. that probably looked like full moons from the back.   End result.. I can feel it today because  I am hobbling across my office.

Let's see what else.. We (well mostly my DH) worked on our update to the walkin closet.. paints done and now hardwood floors should be going in soon.

Unfortunately, we had another death in the family, a lingering illness so it was a blessing to let this poor relative finally be at peace and to let the family rest.. but it still is sad.. again, I have plenty of black in my wardrobe. It's funny how I only see these relatives at weddings and funerals. I haven't seen them in 10 years, and will now be seeing them 3 times within the last 8 months..

So my next big venture is fill number 2...I have been trying to get my head back to square one, AND get back on track with where I need to be and stop the in between eating (and I know it is just because I am hungry).. So until my fill experience.. I am going to hang low.. be well


  1. Barbara, it wasn't until my 4th fill that I felt any restriction at all. Hopefully your 2nd one will give you some!

  2. good luck with the next fill. the in-between snacking and late night snacking were BIG time problems for me up until this last fill. i hope you get there soon!

  3. Barbara, you WILL get there no doubt and have done so well already.
    Hang in there until you get in for the fill and just do your best. Good on ya for the yoga.

  4. Ack! I hated this part - the waiting until you get decent restriction - which by the way was about number four for me. I don't want to laugh at what you said since you mentioned a death in the family but you have a great, humorous way of writing. I was giggling until I hit the bottom bit. You will honestly find, that until that restriction does tighten what you're going through is perfectly normal. It does our head in but it is normal. Try to hang in there. :) We are cheering for you!!

  5. Darn meant to say: I was sorry to hear about your relative. Pressed post before I was done. That was sad news.

  6. Relief is in sight. Hang in there!

  7. Barbara, I know what you are going through! I am getting my 2nd Fill next Monday & I am really hoping to have better restriction then. Hopefully you will too!

    So sorry to hear about your relative! We just went through the loss of my FIL & I know how hard it can be! I agree, when they pass from a lingering illness, it can be a blessing for them to pass, but it still doesn't ease the pain of your loss.