23 June 2010

Holding My Breath....

Let me just start with blech!!!  I have been feeling really crappy (got the whole throat, eye, ear and nose thing going on).. Have been on antib's since monday evening and to tell you the truth.. I don't think they have any active product ingredient in them.. cause it ain't workin!!

So the holding my breath pix.. is to drive home .. my wish and my dream that I can achieve Onderland sometime this decade...yes many of you have written about your plateau's and stagnation with your lossess.. but friends I have been hovering around the same weight for let's say 4 months, with a +- 5 lbs fluctuation. Today I weighed in at exactly 200.0 (naked).  There wasn't much more I could do to make the scale move down further...  short of chopping off my arm.
This has frustrated the hell out of me.. and quite frankly I have gone back to counting calories and I am hitting about 1000 a day.. and really, really don't want to eat less than that amount.  Despite the fact that scientific literature supports the fact that a very low calorie extends the lifespan of a monkey.. I am not interested in that lifestyle.  And you may have even heard of the CALORIE RESTRICTION SOCIETY (CRS).. a cult who devote themselves to well, basically starving themselves.. don't be fooled by their website, some of them actually compete on who can survive on very minimum calories..
AND BESIDES, in my world, CRS stands for Can't Remember Shit!!.. so please do not confuse these two terms

I have my next appt with my surgeon this Friday (fill or no fill decision), and I have to say that I really do feel the restriction, I am at 8.5 cc in an 11 cc band. 
Can I eat more than 1/4 cup of food -  yes..
Do I want to be able to eat only 1/4 cup of food -  I don't know..
I really like the idea of being able to eat more than 1/4 with out PB'ing.  
Is that an insane concept?  
Am I alone here? 

I am finding that I can eat just about a salad plate of salad..  (what a concept)
Should I scale back on that much.. I like salad..

I can eat maybe 3 or 4 ozs of chicken.. is that too much.

I can chug a pint of water when I am really thirsty (and I know I shouldn't but I do).

So I guess I am still trying to figure out where my restriction should really be set at to loose weight at that advertised 2 lbs per week.. cause old Mrs. Fatty Pants aint loosin that!

Someday, I will figure this all out, it may take me a decade, but hell, I think I still got a good 30 years left in my tank..

Be well my friends..


  1. how's your activity/excercise been??
    sometimes you have to up it in order to get by the plateau! keep us updated!

  2. I think that the 2 pounds per week would be for those "less mature" than us. I am lucky to get a pound a week, but it's better than going up on the scale. I think you're doing great! And, it sounds like your restriction is just about right. Hang in there.

  3. How much exercise are you doing Barbara? Maybe if you increase or change the exercise it will snap your metabolism back into losing. What and how much you are eatng doesn't sound like it should be a problem.

  4. I concur with the exercise possibility. I've found a good way to get off the plateau if you are exercising is to add a second work out to the day. Nothing too rigourous - just a 20 minute walk after dinner.

  5. I like the concept of becoming a monkey! Anyway, why do scales like those even numbers. I have been waiting patiently for you to announce the 199 too. I would vote for a little fill. I am amazed how 0.1 cc has made me eat less. I'm getting in less than a cup of food and although the scale toyed with 180, it bounces up and down a couple of pounds. I've been looking for the 179 for two weeks too.

    I know the frustration of plateauing. It sucks and you can wallow in your frustration. I know how that feels. I am hoping to see a 9 in the morning as I have had to revert to fluids/mushies for a day as I had a terrible stuck episode on Tuesday. Maybe we can see the 9 together. Hope springs eternal. You can also try gulping a tbsp of lemon juice as it works as a quick diuretic. Flushes you out!

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I CAN'T believe I found another Insulator Show guy!!! Holy Crap!! OK, you are the FIRST person I've met that would understand this sickness. They probably are each others' nemisis on eBay LOL! DH was SO excited when we built this house that I planned a place for them (instead of the basement on canning shelves where they were in every other house). I showed him your note and he told me to give you his work email for your DH to contact him...he's all excited (send me a note on my email so I don't have to post his work one here; nginkgo@zoominternet.net). He has been to several of the regional shows (he dragged me to one nearby) and several of the national ones I think. This is too funny...we'll have to get them together...except I have no clue where you are. Unbelievable...I have to find out how your DH got started on these...when we first met and we didn't have a nickle to rub together we used to go to the flea markets on weekends and needed something cheap and readily available to look for...I think someone had given him an insulator, but I probably have the story wrong...I started collecting red painted wooden handled kitchen tools from the 50's...they were .25 - .50 then and I could always find at least one LOL. OK, are you a collector of anything too? Sorry, I'm still in shock that I found another person I know...too funny!!!

  7. Whoops, in my excitement I forgot to say I hope you feel better, and I couldn't survive on 1/4C of food per meal...I still weigh my meat a lot and get 3-4 oz....I eat about a cup total...CRS (too funny...I can't remember shit either). I can chug water except in the mornings, but maybe just the tiniest bit of a fill would help IF you're getting hungry too soon. Can't wait for you to see Onederland...maybe a haircut?

  8. I think you've just been waiting for your Chicago roomie to catch up to your skinny butt so that we can hit onederland together and lose the rest of all our weight simultaneously.
    Hang in there doll...I see you at 199 by Sunday...yes, this Sunday.

  9. I think you've just been waiting for your Chicago roomie to catch up to you so we can enter onederland together. That way we can lose the balance of our weight simultaneously.
    Seriously toots...I see you getting to 199 before Sunday...yes, this Sunday.

  10. Girlfriend, I don't really have any words of wisdom. But I'm sending you a big hug.

  11. Okay - you're just the best. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today - I was ready for a public stoning and half my followers to leave me...your comment touched my heart....as do you. Much loves!