27 June 2010

What is it About Onederland.. that makes it so Magical?

I will cut to the chase..I am still hovering at Onederland's doorstep (I think its the heat and water retention ..blah blah blah)

But my post today is about my obsession  to reach Onederland and just wonder if others who are waiting see it the same way I do...

Do we see Onederland as a major milestone achievement?

Does it put us in a different sorority of bandsters?

Does it make one Elite?

Does Onederland give us that push of confidence to proclaim from the mountain top, "Look I Made IT!!!"

Once you arrive at Onederland, are you entitled to have a vanity license plate or bumper sticker to proclaim the victory??

Why is it that when I goggle Onederland, it forces to ask me (repeatedly) did you mean Wonderland?

Am I obsessed with all of the above, why YES I am... because I want to have all of the options above open to me once I pass this threshold..

I want to stop people on the street and inform them, that I am in Onederland.

I expect that trumpets will be blaring, and proclamations will be read., SHE IS NOW IN ONeDERLAND!

Please, please tell me it's like that!!


  1. Haven't been there in a while so can't confirm the reality, but I"m with you in hoping Onederland is EXACTLY like that Barbara! You're so close, and I bet you're actually there already because the heat and humidity have been ungodly.

    Keep drinking water, keep your kidneys working overtime. Drink some green tea. I will check every day to look for your post, and then I will have a big old dance party here with my kids to celebrate in your honor.

  2. It wasn't anything special for me. I flew into it during pre-op. My biggest challenge was getting under 180-I'm back above it today, even though I posted I had hit 179. Oh well. It will go back down in a day or so. And I always thought it was ONEderland (with an "e"). I know it will be Wonderful when you get there though as I know you have been flirting with the little "1" for quite some time.

    You do get to use the secret Onederland Elite handshake when you get there. But you also have to then keep going past 190, then 180...

  3. I weighed in at 202 last week and have set a goal for ONEDERLAND by the end of JUNE. I too have a small obsession to the exciting world of ONEDERLAND! So damn close I can taste it. For me its a major accomplishment cause I cannot remember when I was last there...ok like 8 years ago! I can't wait!

  4. Yikes. thanks Sandy.. how embarassing for me to misspell the word ONE.. ugh!

    Thanks Kristin and NElla .. we will all get to ONEderland soon.. that I know for sure!

  5. It's a HUGE deal to me. HUGE. Like I want to buy fireworks and set them off and throw a ball in honour of my awesomeness. Right now, I'm so far from it that it doesn't even seem like a possibility...but I will get there.

    It is HUGE...don't let it go by without some fanfare!!

  6. I wish I could tell you but I am way far away from Onederland!! But it sounds wonderful!!

  7. It was a huge mental issue for me. As I went down the 200's it just loomed larger and larger and I became obsessed. Of course I had my biggest plateau between 210-199 it took forever!!
    I will say I was so happy to do it and proud, but the next day it was when can I get to the 180's?? Still not there...
    Also if just feels normal as a woman to weigh in the 100's even if it is 199. You'll do it soon and I'll play some trumpets.

  8. Ya know what I think it is Barb...I think it's about finally getting to the final leg of the journey...doesn't matter if it's getting below 200 pounds or making that final right hand turn that starts the last portion of the 5K walk you do every weekend morning...it's about (at least for me) almost being done...waiting to exhale (like Terry McMillan put it).

  9. I'm with Gilly. It's huge! There will be fireworks when I get there so there should fireworks when you get there! :)

  10. Hey, if hitting 200 was an aweful milestone on the way up, then hitting 199 on the way back down should be a party to remember! The trumpets will blare, they will have a parade in your honor, and they tattoo 'Onederland' on your forehead (it's like the Starbelly Sneeches...we're an elite group). Just watch out for the bikini party though...as the guest of honor you're expected to wear a thongkini.

  11. Ahhhh... it took me SIX MONTHS to cross the threshold - it was way more mental than physical... and I'm only about 2 pounds into onderland, but it was a big deal personally - I just didn't know what it would mean. Turns out, not a whole lot different (lol) but it also means that I'm in control if that makes sense! I still want to shout from the rooftops, but maybe not until I'm in the 180's... :-) Target always seems to move, huh?