21 February 2011

Thank God for Reruns..

Ok .. second post today..
Seriously... What's  up with me.
I think I am in avoidance mode...and worse yet..
I think I may be getting sick.
Which is SOOO not like me.
I never get sick..
Then I start to think...
What if I get really sick and die and
worse yet .. no one discovers my body for weeks.
And I start to shrivel up and stink
And my dogs start to bark and the neighbors get suspicious
and then
Not until then
Do they discover that I have died..

yeah.. so maybe that wont happen and maybe
I should just stick to my original plan of watching Sex in the City reruns..

What is it about that TV Series that is just like taking a hot bath and letting the mind wonder.

I so need a good laugh..
And that show just somehow takes my mind away from it all..

Oh that Carrie.. she is such the "IT" girl..
You never really see her eating anything though.. I mean she will take a bite, but I do not see her swallow anything..
No wonder that skinny b#tch looks good.. (hmm random thoughts as I admire her fashion sense)..

Hmm... see.. what is happening.. I am focusing on stupid stuff.
The supposedly analytical, introspective me.. kapoof... gone.

And oh that Samantha.. now that naughty girl.. well.. lets just leave it at that..

So yeah.. I just wanted to follow up my earlier post.. with a.. yeah.. it will be OK.

there is always Sex in the City reruns..


  1. Heck...you need to go buy the box set of the entire series.

  2. I loved that show. Totally bummed when it went off the air. That sucks that you are getting sick.

  3. Stick with the original plan and watch reruns.

  4. Sex and the City is ALWAYS good for a woman's soul...and yes...you will be okay. Love you.

  5. Love sex in the city....
    So, my MIL was in town when the 2nd Sex and the City movie came out.
    Ricky: Hey Read, maybe we could go see that while I'm here, but... hmmmm... I don't know... I think there was a lot of sex (whispered) in the first one, I wonder if it will be like that in the 2nd one?
    Me: Uh... it's called SEX and the City. I'm thinking the title is a clue!!

    I refused to see it with her.

    I'm glad they're on for you to watch - a little place where your mind can relax is a beautiful thing!

  6. Oooo, I'm always drawn to Sex and the City reruns. It trumps anything else remotely interesting. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  7. I love SATC, I think Carrie has a great body but her face suffers for it!

    Hope that you're not coming down with something.

  8. She always seems to be eating cake. What's up with that?! Let's keep it real, ladies!

  9. Barbara.....
    SATC gets me through many things. Sometimes I even add wine or gin.
    Blessing to you, my dear.
    I may not comment often (or ever) but I do read along, send good vibes and prayers. And, I think you are traveling this journey with true grace, beauty and yes...style.

  10. Great escapism-- great idea.
    Enjoy it...