23 February 2011

Thanks Michelle..

You are not going to believe this one..

Yesterday was a rather crappy day.. for a whole plethora of reasons.
The weather, work, taxes to be done, the weather.. blah blah blah blah..

So I go to get the mail.. and there is this rather large manila envelope in the mailbox.

I pull it out to see what's up.. what type of paperwork are they sending me now..
I am in paperwork hell.. so many freakin forms for this and that..

I look down at the envelope, and in the far left corner of the envelope it reads:

"The White House"
Washington, DC

No street address..

My name and address where typed out on a label
It was stamped first class, do not bend.

OK.. if you are the freakin mailman.. are you going to try to bend that envelope.

HELL NO.. somebody is probably watching you from the bushes across the street.

OK.. I am thinking .. good lord what can this be.

And there is was, nestled in between two pieces of card board
A beautiful piece of stationery, embossed with the presidential seal and a stark bold font proclaiming  THE WHITE HOUSE
and contained  a letter addressed to me  and followed with the sweetest letter of condolence from Michelle Obama.
Hand signed, no rubber stamp.

An absolute sweet gesture.

I was flabbergasted.. (did I spell that right).

This was my day that went from an absolute low to a high and then .. well I will tell you the rest of the story in another post on another day (not to keep you hanging.. but its just too fresh to write about right now).. Let's just say.. it confirms my message.. hug your babies, hug your best friend.. life is too freakin short..


  1. A wonderful woman and a class act. What a nice surprise.

  2. It must be validating to know that Mark's life and your loss are acknowledged at such a high level. I'm so glad the letter brought you some comfort. xoxo

  3. Michelle Obama is a wonderful woman.

    Sending hugs to you!!

  4. It is nice to know that your husband was so well respected. It's even nicer to know that there is still some decency (sp?) left in this world.

    Sending you love from Texas!! SMOOCHES

  5. Oh my Barb! Amazing...I look forward to hearing the rest

  6. I hope you are well, and I am so happy that you had a bright spot in what must be excruciating times

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. What an awesome thing to receive on your bad day! I really like Michelle Obama. I think she is a great role model for all women, young and not so young. ;)

  8. That is great. I'm glad she did that.

  9. Wow! You have all kinds of connections, don't you? I'll have to remember that *wink*

    I hope the next part of your story isn't too terribly sad. I think you've been through enough.

  10. So cool! Still thinking of you everyday! Sending love and prayers your way!

  11. Very cool!!! :)

  12. Wow! I can't wait to hear the next installment to the story. Sending you BIG {{HUGS}} :-)

  13. That gave me shivers. Even I know who Michelle is! Can't wait for the story. Be well my friend.

  14. How amazing. Sending you peace and love each day!

  15. Whatever anyone on this earth does to make my dear friend Barb feel better for even a moment...I love them.
    For the record I am a HUGE Obama fan...both of them.

  16. That's amazing. Really. I love that Michelle....almost as much as I love you!