11 June 2011

Mystery Boob

Ugh!!  I feel like the drama re: my right boob will not go away!
Short synopsis:  Getting a boob job needed to get a mammogram
Report showed something in my right boob.. its unknown and they want demanded that I get my last films.
Ok, now shame on me but my last mammogram was in 1997, and because the place that had the films moved like 10 times in the last 13 years, it was nearly impossible to locate.

I have passed with flying colors on all of my other pre op stuff, except this right boob.UGH

I am sure it is nothing, they just said they need to CYA and make sure its all OK.

So the count down begins  T minus 20 days. I am totally out of the office for the first two weeks in July
And as fate would have it, work is bugging the hell out of me wantin me to travel during those first two weeks of July

I so did not want to tell them why.. but I finally had to tell them I am having surgery and need a recovery period.  Other wise,  they wouldn't stop hounding me to schedule travel  UGH..

So, I am hoping that in that two week period I am somewhat back to normal.. except for the fact I will have two new breasts .. maybe I can tell them I got a lung transplant or something..

So here is the other interesting part about the surgery, the doc said I have to go nearly bra less for six months, this allows the implants to drop properly.

OK, can you all see me in an executive meeting with my new girls (who I will affectionately naming Thelma and Louise) hanging out there!!!  NO, I cant .

So I am going to have to get real creative with my wardrobe.. Do you think anyone will notice me wearing 5 layers of clothes during the 90 to 100 degree weather..

These are the things and  emotions swirling around in my mind these days.. and I know that this mini drama is making my band tighten up a bit.

I am continuing with my glass of lemon water every day, and I  have to say it is a great diuretic.

So thats my wrap up on whats going on in my part of the world

Have a great weekend everyone


  1. B- I hope you get this resolved quickly, and then onward to surgery!
    YAY for thelma and louise, you are too funny.
    PS: Don't forget to take the requisite before and after pictures!

  2. Well, you could do what lada ga-ga does and put electrical tape x's over the sweet bits you know. Then you would totally feel noraml and unselfconscious right?
    Get something with a high neckline, my friend had hers done and for two weeks it looked like they were up at her collarbones! (of course she went from flat as a board to a c-cup. But I don't really know about how all that works. All I know is I'm so used to seeing mine trying to sneak into my waistband and her's looked like they were praying. I was jealOUS!

  3. I hope you get mamo issue resolved quick so you dont have to worry about that. My daughter had breast Aug in Nov and she was able to wear a sports bra....did not have to go braless. That alone would stop me in my tracks if I couldn't wear a bra! You are a brave woman Barb!

  4. Hope that everything gets sorted quickly for you, must be annoying and I'm sure that everything is ok but it's good that they're being thorough.
    I love that you're calling your new boobs Thelma and Louise!

  5. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!! Lung transplant - HILARIOUS! You know my friend who just had hers done - she only had to go bra less for about 4 weeks and they've dropped beautifully. Before that she wore an ace bandage for soreness then wore a cotton camisole which worked well for her. Six months - really? That just sounds like a really long time. And her boobs are just PERFECT. I tell her all the time how jealous I am because - man - they really are just perfect and high and firm and well, gorgeous. You're going to love it! She is so happy and only wishes she'd done it sooner!

  6. I'm sure there are lots of things out there that you'll be able to wear instead of a bra. I know I have a couple of tank tops that have support built into them. I wonder if you can wear something along those lines. Otherwise, yes... I'm thinking a bunch of layers will be the way to go. I'm so thrilled for you I can't stand it! I hope they're able to find the tests very soon so you can put that worry behind you!!

  7. OMG... Braless? I can't wait to see you bouncing off the walls... Literally. But I guess the fake ones don't bounce like the real ones even though in my mind they will...LOL. Maybe a leisure bra will suffice?

  8. You should get those flower boob petals that models use to cover their nipples when they don't use bras...that would help!

  9. I've never heard of going braless after a boob surgery...I've always known people that had to wear support bras (like sports bras) after their surgery...Hmmmm. That is interesting.

    You mentioned on my blog about not considering getting an unfill. I was glad I did, because with the amount of fluids they pumped in me for my neck, I felt swollen all over and the last thing I needed was PB'ing. I would think the same would apply for you. It's something to consider, as the swelling you may have may tighten your band too much...

  10. Wow...never thought about the bra situation. Maybe pasties?