06 June 2011

Some things change.. some don't!!

Ugh. it's 4 am and I have been up for an hour.

I will attribute this to anxiety!
I am taking today off to run around like a nut and pack in all of those things that you just cant get done on a weekend and I think I have every hour accounted for today between doc appt, hospital test, lawyer appt, car appt, home repair appt. and then tonight I am off to the Phillie's game.  Thank goodness the cable guy isn't coming cause you know that would throw everything into a tail spin.

And of course there is the obligatory stay on top of work email (BB) moments!!

So the craziness stays, but even with my momentary anxiety, there is a big thing that has changed!!
Pre-band, I would have already been downstairs to scout out any thing to calm my nerves (MEANING EATING CRAP).
A big ah ha moment came around 3:30 this morning, as I was stressing, I reached for my bottle of water and took a few calming gulps..
No Hershey bar, left over Chinese food, cold french fries!!
Water.. and it was a natural reflex not a "lets stop in our tracks and think about this" kind of reaction.

This is a huge behavioral change, that totally did not exist 2 years ago.

And that my friends is a huge NSV!!!

be well.


  1. That is a HUGE NSV! good for you Barbara!

  2. Hope you get everything done today that you have planned! I am off to the gym!

  3. Damn! Left over chinese sounds awesome! Seriously though, that's a great NSV right there. The mental aspect of this whole thing is definitely the hardest. Good for you!

  4. Damn, woman, that's a busy day. Good luck getting everything done! And - awesome NSV. xoxo

  5. Take good care of yourself!!!!

  6. That is an awesome NSV. You have an exhausting day ahead. Be safe.

  7. Hope you had a good day, Barb. Love you!

  8. way to go Barb! keep taking care of yourself :)

  9. Wow - that is quite an accomplishment - the part where its coming naturally to you!! I've felt the pangs of anxiety lately myself, and I still found myself wanting to eat comfort foods and have been working hard to resist them. I'll remember the "calming gulp" of water next time! I hope you get to sleep soundly soon- I can totally relate to that too...