20 July 2011

WHisper... Whisper.. whisper...

Thank you so very much for all of your comments and words of support on my previous post.  I have to tell you I took several Xanax before I wrote that.. it wasn't easy, but I wanted to let you know.. and yes, I am in a good place right now..I will always love Mark.. there is no question about that.. In fact the gravestone was just put in place, it is very beautiful.. I already have my name engraved.. his love for me is my true love.

I want so badly to flank the stone with flowers, but its so hot,I know the flowers would not survive without constant watering.. so perhaps this weekend... but again my thanks for  your words of support.. hugs

So on to the post...

Did she?

Ya think?

You ask..

I am not asking..

Whisper, whisper whisper

Tuesday was my first day back to work, and today was the first day I actually stepped out of my office cloaked like a nun, but it didn't matter.. everyone in the office was trying to figure out what was different about me.

Please Note:  I did not wear this to work.. but I wanted to give you a fresh impression just how noticeable Thelma and Louise are.. Even with a nun's habit on.. they still stick out.. and remember I need to go bra less..

I am not complaining, I am just saying that if I was ever flashed on America's Most Wanted, its gonna be hard to camouflage these babies.

As you can see my face has just a slight bit of evidence of bruise and my neck is as tight as .. well, lets just say its firm and tight..

So I have not outed myself.. but I think the girls speak for themselves.. and boy am I ever enjoying them..



  1. Vaa Vaa Voom! Holy cow your boobs are PERFECT!! No wrinkles just perfect and beautiful boobies! Oh my gosh they're going to look even better as they drop down. My girlfriend with the new boobs - hers have completely dropped and she just looks amazing. Just like you do. Oh my gosh - I can't get over how great you look! I think they make the rest of you look smaller too! Look at your tiny shoulders!

  2. Holy cow them are some hot BOobs!!!

  3. nice nockers! i am sending you big hug. I had a friend once say she just wished that someone would lay on top of her so she could feel there body and remember. if it would help we will all lay on you so you can feel us with you.

  4. Wow. I think you should wear that dress to work. Come on-dare ya! Just kidding. I can just see those guys jaws drop. You look like a Barbie doll. Especially with the new convertible.

  5. Wow, Boobarella!

    You look great!

  6. va va va voom!!! (Oh, boobarella made me laugh!!)

  7. You are one hot mama lady!! And I am happy for you that you are integrating the grief with acceptance and love. I cannot know what you've gone through and where you're going, but I admire your bravery and the fact that you are living your life every day. Mark would have surely wanted you to survive and be happy and NOT in pain. It is a wonderful tribute to the love of you shared while you had your time together. I'm so sorry for the loss, but glad you're coming through it... you deserve to grab life with both hands and take hold.

  8. Sweet baby Tyrone...look at those girls!!! They are like "hello...here i am". I love it. You are looking way to hot!!

  9. Themla & Louise are looking real good, I'm so jealous :o)

  10. Now those are some bodacious ta-ta's!! Work it, Barbara!!

  11. What a full blown hottie you've become! Let them whisper all they want...wait til they see you without the habit!

  12. I want those boobies!!! :)

  13. OMG your boobs are AWESOME! I have been out of the loop, I need to read your older posts. But I wanted to say CONGRATS on the boobs! So glad you went for it.