21 March 2012

Scurring to get to Clearwater

Ugh.. I am running around mad trying to get ready to jump on a plane and go to


I can't wait.. but my poor boys of summer are already falling apart with injuries.

BUT none the less, I am totally thrilled to be getting away and getting some color on my body.

We will get to see 4 phillies games (2 vs. RedSox; 1 vs. Yankees and 1 vs. Orioles)

I have all of my Phillies fan wear ready to daunt and flaunt in FLA.

And the big thriller is that we are having brunch with the Fighting Phils on Sunday (woo hoo!!)

And then I have just one week upon my return to get my revision surgery.. and then its off to TTville!!

So, I will be out of action for the next week or so, but I hope to be posting some pixs on facebook.

See you soon .. hugs


  1. Have fun, I hope your team does really well :o)

    And then good luck with your surgery !! :o)

  2. Wishing you safe travels my friend!



  3. I am jealous about the Phils... We just got back but didn't get to any spring training games like we planned since my husband was working so much. I am hoping to get to several games at CBP though. Maybe we can get together for a game.

  4. Good luck with the revision. I have to go in on the 4th to have the laser resurfacing of my scars from the revision, but hon, I love how it looks even with the scars. It is what I wanted all along!! You will look even mroe beautiful! :)