14 December 2012

Let's Reminisce ... a walk down band memory lane

Ahh.. I love to reminisce...

In fact, I was just reminiscing the other day while I was on the treadmill .. looking at the silhouette of my body as I was bobbing up and down trying to make good time.

You see.. I made a commitment to myself that I was NOT going to let the holiday food fest get the best of me and those 10 lbs that I used to gain over each and other holiday of the past...

No not this year, in fact it hasn't happened for the last 3 years.. and that my friends is pretty remarkable thing to reminisce about.  The band has given me some great memories as I journeyed through my weight loss.  In fact, I came up with a list of "remember when.." as I think of my earlier days of the band.

In fact, I want to open this blog up to you to ask you what you remember the most about your earlier days with the band.. here are just a few of my memories..

1. Anxiety about getting the band, how will I ever survive on just 1/4 cup of food at a meal sitting?
2. Bandster Hell.. I heard about it .. was I really going to survive?
3. Seeing those first 10-15 pounds coming off my obese body... wow this was going to be something!
4. Tossing away old clothes that were now just way too big, way too worn out to even pass on.
5. The first set of compliments,  "gee you look great".. that picks up the confidence!!!
6. Finding this wonderful blog community of other people like me "Who GET IT" and are there to pick you up and dust you off and send you back on your WL way!
7. REALIZING that I do not belong in the plus size section of the store
8. Being able to truly browse and be picky about the shoes I bought (no worry the search for wide width only shoes)
9.  Realizing that I DESERVE to feel better about my health, putting my health needs first.
10. Connecting with all of you, in person or by blog.. probably the most precious memory of my weight loss journey..

How about you.. what are your fondest memories...

Be well and have a good weekend..



  1. Love love love these!! ANd I agree with Draz...