29 December 2012

Saturday. My favorite day

Still in bed. Waiting for snow to start
Kind of proud of myself as I exercised a bit this week.
I  Am down 5 lbs for the month of December
This is a complete turnaround  for me as I actually would gain 10 lbs every Christmas
So I feel good about that

I am new car shopping. I found one just doing the negotiating part

I had a very nice holiday.  Looking forward to new years eve

Wishing each and everyone a great new year   Good health to all.

Be well



  1. Visiting my brother near Toronto. Having a gret time and glad you are also doing well. Can't say the scale is moving down but it's also not moving up. Miss you and glad you saw the 5 lb drop. Have a very merry New Years Eve and greatest 2013!

  2. Happy New Year to you too honey!

  3. Where is the 'like' button?? Great news! Happy New Year!

  4. I'm so glad you had a great Holiday season! I'm even happier that you are looking forward to NYE! That is a very tough time for some. Here's to you in 2013!


  5. Happy New Year to you Barbara...I wish you all the best!

    Down 5 pounds in 1 month at our stage of the LB is amazing....Just shows there still is HOPE!

    Hope you're buying a Audi R8 or A7....just sayin' ;-)