13 January 2013

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That ......

Things seem to be humming along nicely.
I had a very nice birthday this past week.
So many very kind FB wishes. (thank you again)

I have been working out mainly treadmill and elliptical and crunches.
This is all in a lead up to my next (yes I said next) PS procedure
So. I had the TT which turned out great, my waist got cinched in about an inch or so
Now I am getting some lipo done to smooth out my thighs and upper hip area.
Generally they can do this in a outpatient surgical suite but because of my age they want me in the hospital in case he wants me to stay over night.  I have no problem with that given its just me at home. But K will be more than happy to help me out   I don't think recovery will be difficult given everything else I have been through.

So I will update as it gets closer. I want to be in great shape by the time I go to Phillies spring training  in FL.  So excited about that I had a great time last year.

I am also getting my new car this week. Gotta love that new car smell and handling
On the work side of things, things are good.  Always way more incoming than hours allow but I am learning a whole new way to manage very large (global) projects.  And it's actually fun.

I did take on another major challenge. My Closet!!!  I have too many of everything. Seriously I must own 15 pair of black pants and 25 pair of jeans.  My problem is I can't let stuff go. But I did during my clean out. Now everything is organized nice and neat.  At least for a week then all hell will break loose again.  I have the same problem with my makeup vanity.  Oh well. I call it organized chaos.

So today will be a little more relaxed, yesterday Ken and I went out for lunch and dinner in the new hope lambertvile area (a little artsy fartsy town along the delaware river).  It was very nice.

There was a specialty wine shop where we picked up a nice red wine.  I Have been trying to get a bottle of duckhorn but settled for their second label called decoy.  My search will continue though.

Other than that bring on NHL hockey and our Flyers.  Their first game is against the Penguins and that should be a good one!!!

Hugs to all. Be well



  1. Missed your birthday, Happy Bday! Very cool with the lipo, can't wait to hear how it turns out! When I had a lump removed in my armpit (breast tissue) I also had lipo, and I was surprised about how much it hurt, but after TT, I'm sure this will be NOTHING for you! Pain meds! Love to hearing how you are doing. Have a great time in FL!