01 January 2013

What triggers change?

I get it.
It's a new year
We make resolutions
We want to make improvements in our life
We want change for the better

BUT. What really triggers the change to happen?

What motivates us enough to take that first step, to be brave enough, to be resolute enough to make that decision to change any thing in life??

Even more inquiring is the inverse of the question, "what holds us back"?

We have all been successful at change or just at a minimum adapting to change

Life forces us into this mode so sometimes it's not a choice .

I have been contemplating  several changes that I would like to make, but I have no timeline pressuring me. Perhaps they are more lifestyle changes.

And then there are the biggies like to move or change jobs or to divorce or not.
Those are what the benefit managers call significant life changes

I tend to like change, it mixes it up a bit, keeps you wandering about what is next around the corner.
But as you all know some life changes are hurtful and not by choice

But as the saying goes life is what happens when you are making plans!!

So I will continue to contemplate what I need to change in my life.  And then see how I can motivate myself to do so.

Be well


  1. Great post to think about. I too need a big health change. I have to find out what hold me back. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year Barb! I say move to the East Coast of Fllorida!

  3. Great, interesting post.

    "What motivates change"....I think for me, New Years allows us to reflect on our character defects, thus, trying to start the new year with new commitments.(I don't really like resolutions myself)

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Change is great, and you will know when it is right. And I second what Jacquie says...East Coast of Florida. Much warmer than PA!!!