28 November 2012

HA HA HA .. that's funny

So, I go and get my hair done.
Thinking I am looking pretty damn good...
Checking myself out in the store front window..

And I decide I am going to Kohl's to buy a new shirt..
You know, something to complement the color, the cut, an update to the season.. 

I find a great sweater from the Vera Wang line...

Standing in line to buy my great find (on sale, but then they are always having a sale).

Have my Kohl's cash in hand... and then the cashier asks me the question...

Are you a senior citizen.. that would qualify for our discount?

Uh what did you just say...

Do I LOOK like I am with this fantastic hair, bounce in my step, etc etc etc.

And then I asked my question..

How much would that discount be....


Oh yeah.. I am senior and take that damn 15% off.

Thank you....


  1. For 15% discount, I'd say I was a senior citizen!!!

  2. Amen, sister! 15%, heck yeah I'm a senior citizen rockin' my fabulous hair!!!!!

  3. OMG, I laughed. We get senior tickets at the theatre. Well Tim does. I still resist. Want to see the new hair?

  4. Never too proud to save some money! I bet you looked fantastic too =)

  5. LOL...I want a 15% discount too and want to see the new doo!